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Time Off: 4 Principles for Leaving Others in Charge

Summer is here which for many of you means time off for a vacation. And for some who will be heading out on vacation, that reality comes with a heavy sigh at thoughts of leaving the office behind. How will the work get done? Who will handle what needs to be handled? When will digging […]

Getting to Know Your Employees – Why it Matters

Good leaders know that a business is just an entity. They also know it’s the people who give substance to that entity. People matter to them. Thus, getting to know their people on a deeper level is something they focus on. Why? Because they recognize connections in the workplace make a difference. Connections are the […]

How a Book Club Helps with Team Building

Leaders read. They read for new insights, latest thinking, creative inspiration and exposure to different perspectives, just to name a few. As such, a book club at work can be a valuable tool. How so? “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” ― Harry Truman A couple of years ago I had […]

Power Questions: How to Engage Your Employees

Characteristics of good leadership include a desire to learn and curiosity. Why? Because they help you engage your leadership and your employees. As a leader, you have a responsibility to use those characteristics to communicate clearly, build connections and produce results. And a tool that will help you shine with that responsibility is mastery of […]

High Potentials – 4 Points for Leading Them

Companies have a stake in growing and retaining their future leaders. Many do this through programs aimed at identifying and developing their high potential candidates. As a leader, you have a responsibility to help prepare these high potentials for advancement. High potentials look for opportunities to increase their direct influence. They also want to take on assignments with real risks and […]

A Quick and Easy Mindfulness Practice at the Office

No longer considered as “woo-woo” as it once was, mindfulness is now getting the attention it is due. Its benefits are documented and confirmed by empirical research. Well-known and high performing leaders such as Jack Dorsey, Russell Simmons and Tim Ferriss are naming mindfulness practices as part of their daily rituals. Like those leaders, you […]

Why Multi-Dimensional Leadership?

For the “collaboration” and “inclusion” required in today’s world, a multi-dimensional model of leadership serves better than the outdated hierarchical (one-dimensional) structure. It’s a change though to go from leadership based upon a few to leadership where everyone leads in one-way or another. In multi-dimensional leadership, people, regardless of title or role, are empowered to lead […]

Praise & Encourage – How to Give and Receive

My good friend Jeffrey Shaw is creating a movement. This movement is in response to a life-altering event that occurred thirty-one years ago. That’s when Jeff’s father died just hours before his wedding ceremony. Jeff was the only one with his father as he was dying. Moments before he lost consciousness, he spoke to Jeff. He […]