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Spring-Cleaning Your Office: Why It Is Important?

Spring is almost here! And for some of us, that means spring-cleaning will be added as an item on our to-do lists. Spring-cleaning is, after all, one of the rites of the season. My spring-cleaning ritual has always included my office environment. Over the years, I have carved out time to organize, de-clutter and refresh my […]

Improv Techniques Beneficial in Leadership

A colleague and I recently sat down to watch a webinar together. The topic was interesting. The content was informative. The two speakers were esteemed in their professions. And the delivery between the co-leaders was well done. That is until it wasn’t …. With a sharp and curt vocal tone, we heard one of them interrupt […]

Change the Scenery and Get Moving for Impact

A first-time manager (I’ll refer to her as Lisa) made a brilliant choice to diffuse an uncomfortable situation. During an awkward meeting, she reached a quick decision to change the scenery and get moving. The impact of this decision turned the meeting from ineffective to productive. Lisa’s decision is worth sharing. As Lisa and I prepared the announcement of her management position, […]

How You Lead, Show Up & Inter-relate is a Choice

You are always at choice. Yet, too often conscious choice may be held at arm’s length, allowing you to easily slip into comfortable, but not serving, ways of being, doing and reacting. Conscious choice begins by acknowledging that you are always at choice and recognizing choices contribute to outcome. “Being at choice” and “tuning into […]

Strength and Satisfaction in Gratitude

Back in 2001 and 2002, I sank into pessimism, a deep and dark brand of negativity. The world seemed to be a mess with 9/11, terrorism and the aftermath of tech-stock bubble. I struggled to understand unfamiliar facets of a new era in which we unexpectedly found ourselves. Nothing about it felt familiar. And everything […]

5 Leadership Lessons from a Kindergarten Classroom

This year is my second as a volunteer in the Atlanta Public Schools. I volunteer as a reader to a kindergarten class in an underserved community. And yes, my favorite day of the month is when I start my morning in the classroom. While they are learning skills in math, reading, and music, just to […]

Stepping Up to Own Your Work-Life Balance

In Dear Terri, I respond to followers who send emails asking for leadership advice, practical solutions, or ideas. Your questions can be sent directly to me by clicking here. Dear Terri, I am the only single woman without children on my team, and I seem to be the one who receives the weekend and holiday assignments. […]