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5 Leadership Lessons from a Kindergarten Classroom

This year is my second as a volunteer in the Atlanta Public Schools. I volunteer as a reader to a kindergarten class in an underserved community. And yes, my favorite day of the month is when I start my morning in the classroom. While they are learning skills in math, reading, and music, just to […]

own leader

3 Tips Central to Being Your Own Leader

Being your own leader begins with the acknowledgment that you are the creator of the leader you want to be. Once acknowledged, you can begin to lead from the inside, rather than striving for approval from the outside or mimicking another’s stye. You start empowering you, just as you are. That means you begin to look inside […]

Anchoring and Pledging for Effective Leadership

In Dear Terri, I respond to followers who send emails asking for leadership advice, practical solutions, or ideas. Your questions can be sent directly to me by clicking here. Dear Terri, I want to be the most effective leaders possible. What is the key to doing that? How do I “anchor” myself?   – Maggy S Dear […]

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