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empty chair leader

3 Principles to Avoid Being an Empty Chair Leader

An empty chair leader does not hold the best interests of the organization to heart. Instead he puts his own interests ahead of all else. And by doing so, he instills a lack of credibility in his leadership and thus operates from a disadvantaged position. These truths rang loud and clear when I met a […]

Manager is offering praise to his employee

Praise & Encourage – How to Give and Receive

My good friend Jeffrey Shaw is creating a movement. This movement is in response to a life-altering event that occurred thirty-one years ago. That’s when Jeff’s father died just hours before his wedding ceremony. Jeff was the only one with his father as he was dying. Moments before he lost consciousness, he spoke to Jeff. He […]

GATE – A Tool for More Effective Leadership

One of the areas in which I spend considerable time is emotional intelligence (EQ). It is top of mind for many of my clients, and it is an elective class I teach to high school students, our future leaders. Regardless of the age, title or phase of life, EQ practices help with many things, including […]

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