Energy Fields

Energy Fields – 7 Types Leaders Can Recognize

An important leadership skill is the ability to recognize energy fields. This means identifying how relationships exist in space and time. In other words, a good leader can identify two energy fields at the time of interactions:

  • What is in the space
  • What is trying to emerge in that space

Whether a team is in person or over the phone, you and others create an energy field. And tuning into this field allows you to gather valuable information. The questions are these:

  • How do you gather that information?
  • How do you assess what you have tapped into?

Tools for Tapping into the Energy Fields

Think of tapping into the fields as a type of listening. This listening goes beyond your ears to involve the rest of your body. It also uses all of your senses, including the sixth.

  • Observe words, body languages, tones and postures.
  • Notice attitudes, energy levels and emotions.
  • Tap into what is not being said and how the silence lands.
  • Detect connectedness or lack of it.

Let me shed light on 7 types of energy fields from which you will be leading.

7 Types of Energy Fields to Understand

  • The Merry-Go-Round – There is a lot of trying in the space. And in that trying is round and round movement with confusion and frustration. The team is holding back and not going anywhere.
  • The Eggshell – There is a feeling of tentativeness and carefulness in the space. Politeness and political correctness show up. A desire to be agreeable and right is present. The team is guarded, watching what they say and do.
  • The Threshold – There is a feeling of heat in the space. Anger, aggressiveness and /or rebellion are felt. The team is tense, on edge, and ready to boiling over.
  • The Dead Zone – There is a lack of energy in space. The arc has long passed its peak. Tolerating and enduring are characteristics on display. The team is flat-lined and bored.
  • The Sunny Side Up – There is a feeling of delight in the space. Playfulness and excitement abound. Laughter fills the airwaves. The team is inspired and energized.
  • The Voyage – There is a feeling of possibility and a sense of adventure in the space. Focus and exploration permeate. The team is curious and engaged.
  • The Mountain Top – There is a feeling of clarity and crispness in the space. Things are in-focus and well-defined. The team is connected and absorbed.
  • The Gratification – There is a feeling joy and reverence in the space. A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction comes through. The team is cohesive, eager and in flow.

With awareness, you can assess the energy fields being created. These assessment will enable you to lead one of two ways: by matching the energy fields or shifting them. Recognizing and working with what’s in the space and trying to emerge in that space is an important skill to develop.