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About Terri Deuel

Terri Deuel knows how to empower individuals and teams to realize their greatest potential and drive business results.

As a certified professional coach, leadership consultant, leadership development facilitator, and inspirational speaker, she brings her expertise as a former senior level executive to clients who want to achieve higher levels of impact, agility, and engagement.

Her coaching sessions, workshop facilitation, leadership programs and interactive speaking engagements serve clients who want to transform, adapt and navigate results in today’s complex environments.

Serving leaders on the path of growing their capacity for complexity

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3 Tips for Handling Feedback

For many leaders, it can be a challenge not to take feedback personally or view it as criticism. If this is something you experience, your instinct may be to react by becoming self-conscious and defensive or shutting down. These reactions, however, are not serving you. When you shutdown, you may be missing out on the opportunity to learn and […]

People in a business meeting listening to each other

Listening – A Tip to Enhance that Skill

As a leader, one of the communications skills you must master is listening. Why? Listening is a fundamental building block of success. It is vital to establishing healthy relationships and fostering trust-based leadership. Also, listening is a critical skill to help you uncover and discern information. Active listening requires you to engage your concentration and […]

Constructive Feedback

Constructive Feedback – How to Develop vs Correct

The majority of managers hate to give constructive feedback. And yet most employees want feedback aimed at improving how they work. They want to be told how they are doing, what’s working and what’s not. Many want to know what’s next for development and growth. As a leader, you are often their catalyst for change. You […]