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About Terri Deuel

Terri Deuel knows how to empower individuals and teams to realize their greatest potential and drive business results.

As a certified professional coach, leadership consultant, leadership development facilitator, and inspirational speaker, she brings her expertise as a former senior level executive to clients who want to achieve higher levels of impact, agility, and engagement.

Her coaching sessions, workshop facilitation, leadership programs and interactive speaking engagements serve clients who want to transform, adapt and navigate results in today’s complex environments.

Serving leaders on the path of growing their capacity for complexity

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Mentoring as the return key on a keyboard

Why Opt-In for Reverse Mentoring?

Back in 2014, I attended a United Way luncheon and listened to a keynote that has stuck with me. This particular keynote, delivered by a partner at PWC, was on the topic of employee development and talent growth strategies. The strategy that intrigued me most was reverse mentoring. The speaker’s case study for this strategy […]

Sign reading "Priority" - Priorities drive boundaries

Boundaries – 3 Steps to Establish for Effectiveness

As a leader, an important skills to master the art of setting boundaries. Why? Because boundaries enable prioritization on what  matters most and effectiveness to meet commitments on those priorities. They lead to focus and engagement for you and your team. Years ago as a new leader, I experienced being pulled in a thousand different directions. As a result, […]


“It’s All Made Up:” How to Avoid Flawed Assumptions

Poor decisions are often the result of flawed assumptions. Rushing to judgment. Misunderstanding. Equating to a similar situation. These are just a couple of reasons behind erroneous conjectures. What if you had access to five tips that would help you avoid flawed assumptions, thus making more informed decisions? While in a leadership training program a couple […]